Sunday, February 9, 2014


This meal was the result of cleaning out the pantry.  Half a box of pasta, a can of enchilada sauce, chicken broth, frozen chicken breasts, fajita seasoning, Ro-tel, sour cream, half a block of white cheddar and half a block of yellow.  We were craving both Mexican and comfort food.  This meal was the perfect combination of the two!  A co-worker gave me a packet of Lawry's Fajita Seasoning awhile back and I've been trying to think of a creative way to use it.  She swears by this stuff and orders it in bulk online, so I knew it would be delicious.

I seasoned the frozen chicken breasts with cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper then baked them.  While they were cooking, I boiled the pasta in all the liquid ingredients.  When the chicken was done, I shredded it and tossed it in the pasta along with the cheese and sour cream.  We like beans in southwestern pasta, but didn't have any whole beans.  I heated up a can of refried beans and debated whether to mix it into the pasta, or just use it as a base under the pasta in our individual bowls.  I went with the latter and it was definitely a winner.  Next time I make this I may purchase a rotisserie chicken so I can skip cooking the chicken altogether!  Plus, I am kind of a rotisserie chicken skin addict.

The Ro-tel and enchilada sauce were both spicy, so adjust according to your own preference.


2-3 boneless skinless chicken breasts (precooked would save a step!)
Chili powder
8 ounces any small shape pasta
2 cups chicken broth
1 can enchilada sauce, 10 oz
1 packet fajita or taco seasoning
1 can Ro-tel (or petite diced tomatoes)
1-2 cups shredded cheddar (I used extra sharp yellow and white)
1 cup sour cream
1 can refried beans

Season chicken with cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper.  Bake at 375 for about 40 minutes, or until fully cooked through, then shred.  If using cooked chicken, shred and set aside.  In large skillet with lid, combine broth, enchilada sauce, fajita seasoning and Rotel.  Stir until seasoning is completely dissolved, then stir in pasta.  Bring to a boil, cover and simmer about 15 minutes, or until pasta is done.  Taste then season with salt and pepper as necessary.  Stir in cheese until melted, then stir in sour cream.  Serve over cooked refried beans. 

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