Thursday, October 24, 2013


Do you have any standard "go to" dinners in your arsenal?  Those recipes you've got memorized in your head, use ingredients that are always in your kitchen and take about half an hour to make?  This is one of mine!

A quesadilla doesn't really require a recipe, but you must follow one simple rule: LOW AND SLOW.  If you want that really crispy, golden exterior and perfectly melted cheese on the inside, you must cook it over low heat for about 20 minutes.  It takes a lot of patience and willpower, but it's definitely worth the wait.  Trust me, I've burned many quesadillas in my lifetime.

The best part of this "recipe" is the creole sour cream!  I dip each bite into this creamy deliciousness.  Simply combine creole seasoning and sour cream in a bowl.  I use about a tablespoon per cup of sour cream, but usually end up doing a few mix and taste cycles before it's just right.

This is all you need:

Season the chicken, saute and slice.

L-O-V-E this seasoning!

  First, a layer of cheese:

A layer of chicken:

And another layer of cheese:
(You could use less of course; clearly I have a problem)

 Isn't that griddle cool?  It was only $18 (on sale) at Macy's and we use it for pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese and of course, quesadillas.  No more cooking things one or two at a time in a skillet on the stove!  I highly recommend finding yourself an electric griddle.


2 large flour tortillas (burrito sized)
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
Sour cream
Creole seasoning (whichever brand you prefer)

Season chicken with creole seasoning to taste.  The brand I use, Tony Chachere's, advises to "use it like salt" so don't overseason!  Saute chicken until done.  Remove to plate and slice.  Throw back in skillet and give it a stir so all the seasoned juices coat the chicken.

Preheat your nonstick griddle to 300, or your nonstick skillet to medium-low.  Spray one side of tortilla with Pam and place sprayed side down on griddle/skillet.  Sprinkle about half a cup of cheddar on half the tortilla.  Layer on half of the sliced chicken, then another half cup of cheese.  Fold tortilla over and press down lightly on the top for about a minute, until cheese has melted a bit/is sticking.  Repeat all steps with second tortilla.  Keep an eye on the quesadillas and flip after about 8-10 minutes, or when the tortilla is a nice golden brown.  Again, cook this side until golden brown.

Remove from griddle/skillet and slice into four wedges.  Serve with creole sour cream.

Note: to increase the recipe, my general rule is 1 chicken breast and 1 cup of cheese per quesadilla. 

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