Monday, October 14, 2013


I keep the salt and pepper on the stove for easy access when cooking.  I'm still getting used to our new home and its gas range.  Apparently if you broil something in the oven, the stovetop gets hot.  Really hot.  Oops.  Katy, I'm sorry I destroyed your very thoughtful housewarming gift.

Now fess up, what kitchen tools have you burned, melted or destroyed?

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  1. I was running a load in the dishwasher and needed to remove the silverware basket to have enough room for a pan to fit. I then got a phone call from a friend saying they were stopping by so I started to straighten up the house. I put the silverware basket in the oven to get it off the counter so my kitchen would look neat. The next day I was pre-heating my oven to make dinner. There was a cloud of smoke gushing from the kitchen and melted plastic glob that had become a drippy piece of abstract art! It was not fun to clean up but it sure looked cool LOL!